Claude Daniel was born in October 1984.

Claude's first contact with music was in 1998 and short time after that, he started to gig all over the country and outside the borders, in famous clubs like : Malizia / Sibiu (Ro), Venus 2000 / Fagaras (Ro), Bellissima / Sibiu (Ro), Trokadero / Munich (Germany), Inside / Sibiu (Ro), Gala / Sibiu (Ro), Up Town / Sibiu (Ro), Armagedon / Campia Turzii (Ro), Disco Land / Munich (Germany), Celebrity / Sibiu (Ro), Chill Out / Sibiu (Ro), Kremlin / Valcea (Ro), Bungalow 6 / Salzburg (Austria), Red Carpet / Sibiu (Ro), Palm Beach and many more. In present he's in Cotton Club / Sibiu (Ro) to find and enjoy.

I'm not a perfect person, but who is? We all make mistakes sooner or later and that's how we learn to move on...It's very hard for me to write about myself or about something in specific, because life in general doesn't give me much inspiration. If I am or if I'm not, a complicated person, well...that's something you'll have to find out by yourselves. I love art that's why fashion, design and music are my actually is more than a passion for I live trough it!

Everything started about 10 years ago in a music studio, as for all dj's, contact occurs at the same time with the music. As a pupil, I made everybody laugh and feel fine, and as everything has a start, making people smile, became now a sense in life for me. I started mixing in 1998 working with different styles of music, like: disco, funk, groove, techno(not the kind of techno we listen to nowadays). Those days, being a dj was easy because everybody loved the same kind of music. Nowadays, it all changed, preferences are different, sometimes even undefined. People want to be in trend and listen to what is considered to be cool, even if it's not what they acctually like. House music is my favorite. I can say that I'm glad techno music gradually revives. I prefer a dinamic compilation, but mostly, I can say I avoid the music everybody prefers and listens to. I try to promote the music that others ignore, those others that don't acctually understand what music is, literary speaking. Music is not a trend, is a way of living, in more words better said: you are what you listen to.